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Welcome to BHS Grad Party 2021

Grad Party 2019 was a huge success. Our theme "Heroes" was superhuman and fabulous. What a wonderful gift for our graduates and our town. As many of the torches will be passed on for next years party, we urge you to get involved. A successful Grad party really does take a village. 

What is the "Grad Party"?

This all night party is the community’s gift to the graduating class. The theme is always a secret and the students are shocked and amazed as they are welcomed into the transformed school.


From the front entrance to the back hallway, each area is morphed into a sensational sight thanks to hours of brainstorming and creativity from the volunteers. The graduates play various games, dance, bounce in inflatables, rest, eat and win prizes safely until 5am.


2020 Coordinators






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