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Co-Chair Leaders

Create agendas and run meetings, meet monthly as a group.  Meet with principals, Board of Education and secretaries, as needed. Correspond via email often.

Christine Errichiello

Christine Goodsell


Coordinate all vendor payments and expense reimbursements. Process donations and maintain budget. Administration and Board of Education contact. 

Christine Goodsell

Room & Materials Coordinator

Responsible for ordering fire spray, materials, cardboard, polyvinyl, stumps. Main contact for Durant's, lift company and dumpsters. 

Nicole Lott

Volunteer Coordinator 

​Secure volunteers to work the night of the party. Assign volunteers to work specific rooms as needed. Secure volunteers for fundraising events. Update committee roster and prepare senior envelopes for night of party.


Rebecca Newman

Fundraising Chairperson

Coordinate individual and corporate fund raising activities to benefit Grad Party-donation jars at school events and local stores. Lawn sign fundraising. Obtain items for the walk thru raffle.

Christina Watson

Karla Jordan

Communication Coordinators

Send out broadcast news messages, Brookfield Patch and Facebook, keep website updated. Work with fire marshall and custodians. 

Christine Errichiello

Gifts & Prize Coordinator

Secure donations of gifts and raffle prizes. Package prizes (gift baskets, gift bags, etc.) Displayed in casino, general raffle throughout party, grand prize raffles at end of the party. Coordinate with Fundraising, Kitchen and Thank You coordinator.


Christina Watson

Karla Jordan

Contact Details

Christine Errichiello:     646-295-5957 
Christine Goodsell:       203-241-9017 

Christina Watson and Karla Jordan:                                       


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